Questioning: my colour perception

I asked my housemate Eric this morning if he had seen my green cycling vest/jacket/doo-dah. (Ok, I didn't say doo-dah).

We found it and then he and two others said that it wasn't green, it's yellow. (Possibly a yellow-green but definitely more yellow than green)

I'm not saying that it's pine forest green but I have always considered it definitely a fluoro-green. (I could even go so far as to say that it has yellowish qualities but would never call it yellow over green)

This is it. (Yes it's a cam-phone picture but I think the colour is still fairly close)

Now I have never had any problem passing the standard colour blindness tests and I have no particular dislike of yellow but the fact that I alone seem to consider this green has me wondering.

(I asked a guy in the office when I got here and his first word was yellow too)

I kind of wished that I had my camera a little more easily accessible as I was riding to work - passing the Treasury building I was behind a guy with a similar vest and a distinctly yellow helmet and panniers. The difference to me seemed strikingly obvious - of course there are different shades and blah blah blah but it's just strange.

Two possible options present themselves directly to me - I'm right and everyone else is wrong (my preferred option), possibly due to some extra mysterious powers of colour sensitivity OR my conception of the difference between some greens and some yellows is out of whack.

Help me out here please - quick response in the comments - green or yellow?