Applauding: Printable cold sores

I'm a big fan of a good culture jam - there's nothing quite like turning the marketing tools of big business back on them and their insidious attempts to warp our view of the world for fun and profit. Individuals and organisations such as Adbusters have been doing this for years now.

The most recent of these that I've come across is http://printablecoldsores.blogspot.com/ - offering downloadable images that you print onto sticker transparencies and put onto billboards and other advertising posters etc to highlight the unreality of corporate images of beauty.

Geek Graffiti - the creator of these - makes the point that defacing advertising etc is illegal and encourages people to put the stickers on, photograph them and remove them - which seems like a reasonable enough degree of legalistic self preservation. (And obviously I would neeeever encourage people to knowingly break the law either and leave them there.)

Almost makes me sad that Canberra is a city with a ban on public billboards.

Great work Geek Graffiti.