Battling: wireless adsl modems

Well, one anyway - I'd hate to exaggerate :)

Our old modem was reclaimed by its owner late last week and initial attempts to set up our long dormant (but faster) spare modem and get it talking to our internet connection proved unfruitful.

Sunday was crunch day though as I had office work to get done - working on the weekend is not a common occurrence, fear not, I'm still a happy public servant - so after a fortifying breakfast, I girded loins and looked the beast square in the blinking lights. (Um, this is coming out far geekier than I might have expected - bear with me)

After an hour or so of working through the automated setup and then onto a small amount of guess work, I tried tech support. As the account is still in the last guys name (I'm getting to it Tim, honest :) they were able to tell me that there was a problem with the password that we were using, just not what it was.

Spool forward two hours during which I've been exercising every possible option I could concoct to reach him (mobile turned off and moved interstate en route to UK) and I find out that the password is in fact correct, it's something else.

Anyway, to cut a slightly dull story (to me it was an epic, frustrating, maddening quest but perhaps you had to be there) to a slightly shorter length, after trying the same thing I'd tried at least a dozen times before, it suddenly decided to work.

Of course, then I decided to try something else to make it more secure, stuffed it and spent another hour trying to get back to the original working state, with success, I should add.

Modem 1 - Col 1.

(Another indicator in my SkyNet theory that the machines have reached awareness and just like messing with us)