Wrapping up Monday Sunset

Well it's been a few years now that I've been sharing my taste in tunes with the 2XXfm Canberra listening public (yep, both of them) on a Monday afternoon but just like the Bush presidency, all things must come to an end.

Time pressures from work and my growing need to get things done, as well as a growing feeling of meh to the whole superstar DJ thing, mean that I'm packing up the cds and giving it a rest for a while.

There have been three things that I've hoped to do with my time on the radio - play great tracks (old and new), show people that there are nuggets of goodness in all types of music (beyond the ongoing banality of 99% of top 40 tunage) and hopefully turn people on to new artists (and old ones that they've never heard of).

This was one of the great things about growing up in Melbourne, the alternative/community radio scene. RRR and PBS particularly exposed me to a whole new world of sound and I hope that in some small way I've been able to do the same for someone else.

The tracks today are a selection of some favourites I've played over the years and cover some of my strange obsessions - covers, mashups, passion, humour, nerdiness, rawk as well as a focus on ensuring that female artists are reasonably well represented.

If you've been listening, thanks - I hope you've enjoyed it.

Free Way    Beaches    Beaches    4:09
It's Fun To Smoke Dust (Queen vs. Pastor Gary Greenwald vs. Midfield General)    Lobsterdust    Best of Bootie 2008    4:18
Believe In Sexual Eruption (Snoop Dogg vs. Cher)    A Plus D    Best of Bootie 2008    4:42
The Night I Couldn't Stop Crying    The Devastations    Coal    4:59
Down With Prince    Hot Chip    Coming On Strong    3:18
Iron Man    The Cardigans    Covers    4:19
Hello, I Love You    The Cure    Covers    3:28
Common People    William Shatner    Covers    4:41
Better Go Home Now    Dirty Three    Dirty Three    3:43
Wired For Sound    B(if)tek    2020    3:52
The Minotaur    The Drones    Havilah    3:26
Quick Way To Hell    The Fuelers    Hot Dang    3:43
Highway 61 Revisited    Karen O & The Million Dollar Bashers    I'm Not There [Disc 1]    3:59
Still Alive    Portal    The Orange Box    2:56
Talking Lion Blues    C.W. Stoneking    Jungle Blues    4:34
New Day Of The Dead    Beasts Of Bourbon    Little Animals    5:18
Sandman    Tex Perkins And His Ladyboyz    No 1's and No 2's    3:55
Butterfly    Baterz    Out of Hell    3:46
Revolution Get Down    The BellRays    The Red White & Black    2:41
Ford Mustang    Mick Harvey    Intoxicated Man    2:18
Etwas Neues    The Bites    White lines and runways    2:55
7 Sisters    Wild Pumpkins At Midnight    The Secret Of The Sad Tree    3:04
Popcorn    Hot Butter    Single    2:33
Needles & Pins    Ramones    Anthology    2:24
Fell In Love With A Girl    The White Stripes    White Blood Cells    1:50