Christian Bale - the tyrade remix

So the perpetually ADD Internet is all in a tizz about Christian (Batman, John Connor, Patrick Bateman) Bale cracking it with a DOP on the set of the new Terminator movie. (Note to self, if you are going to arc up at someone, probably best not to do it around a tonne of sound equipment)

Now I have read commentary that is pretty critical of said tanty throwing star but I'm not without sympathy.

Imagine that you are trying to get into character in a movie set in a world where killer robots are constantly trying to, well, kill you and they have wiped out virtually all of humanity. Add to this the fact that you can see that these robots actually look, you know, kind of crappy (yet to be digitally awesomed up) and some guy who should know better is wandering about where he shouldn't be, putting you off your game.

The fact is that while he does rant on a little while (and amusingly his accent drops back to its original Welsh), he just seems genuinely pissed off that he's not getting his work done. It's not like he's cracking the sads about being given the wrong colour M&Msafter all.

There's also something very Homer Simpsonesque about the over the top sarcastic voice that he puts on during parts of the rant, right down to the la-di-da-di-da part. Who can really hate someone who sounds like Homer?

Or maybe I have a little too much tension brewing up inside and I'm just a little envious that I never really get to full on vent at anyone when they piss me off .

Anyways, as is the Internetz way, a remix has appeared of the rant, which is kind of cool.