LOLing: the Google Chrome comic remixes

Google's big marketing to-do used to promote and explain their shiny new Chrome browser came in the form of a 39 page comic book put together by Scott McCloud.

I'll talk more about Scott McCloud one day as he has written/drawn two really fantastic comic books which talk about how comics work (Understanding Comics) and how they might be reinvented (Reinventing Comics).Suffice to say, the guy has an amazing ability to explain some reasonable dense concepts in comic book form.

I enjoyed what I understood of his Google Chrome comic - it did explain a few things for me but seemed to get a little bit bogged down in developer-speak at points, which could just have easily have been simplified.

The Internetz being what they are, it hasn't taken long for some remixes of this comic to start appearing online.

These ones come from a site called Yahooray apparently - though my network appears to be blocking the site for some reason. I found them re-posted on 4chan - these are my favourites.