Watching: the dog cloning, Mormon missionary abducting woman story get stranger

In the beginning there was a woman called Bernann McKinney who was the first person to pay to have her dead dog cloned. It was a Pit-Bull named Booger and she paid nearly $50000 (Australian) for the privilege to a lab in Korea, who in turn gave her 5 puppies.

Ok, a little odd but it's a brave new world we live in so I thought, huh - what an odd name for a dog, lets move on.

Being the silly season in the Northern Hemisphere, this story quickly spread and once a few people had seen her picture, the question was soon asked - is this the Joyce Bernann McKinney who in the U.K in 1977 was charged with abducting a 21 year old Mormon missionary and securing him to a bed with mink handcuffs to have sex with him? The same woman who skipped bail with her alledged co-conspirator and left the country posing as a pair of deaf-mute mime artists?

While she initially denied this, before long she fessed up that it was her but claimed to be innocent of the charges, claiming that it was all consensual. (They had apparently been having an affair in the U.S some time beforehand)

Riiiiiight - so you would think perhaps that this was weird enough right?


Now stories are emerging, just to ice that oh so fruity fruit cake that in 2004 she may also have instructed a 15 year old boy in Tennessee to burgle a house so that she could raise money to buy a wooden leg for a favourite pet horse.


All things considered though, this is someone who probably deserves their moment in the media sun - unlike the rich girl fame-whores that we're used to seeing. At least this woman is interesting.

Did I mention she was also Miss Wyoming in her youth?