Blogging: about the blog feedback buttons

It's kind of hackneyed (but so very meta) to blog about your blog (you know that a song-writer is uninspired when you start hearing songs about life in a band on tour) but I thought I'd just mention the new You Say: feedback buttons that will hopefully appear at the bottom of each post now.

If you have a response to a post but can't be bothered putting a full fledged comment together (and face it, we're all busy people here clearly) then you should now just be able to take your pick between funny, interesting or meh but just clicking on the button. (Yes, it is skewed in my favour - that's the power of the media I guess)

So please, let me know what you think (assuming that this has worked) - it's always nice to know you're not just spouting off to the ether. (Or because of it)