Watching: Heroes

Sometimes I come a little late to the cool new tv shows - Heroes, a series about modern comic-book style superheroes, is about to enter its third season but I've just started watching the first series.

To be fair (uh - to myself) - there was a degree of method to the madness. There are very few programmes that I can be bothered watching live on commercial tv any more - Neighbours and the football for the most part. The ability to pick up the box set of dvds of a whole series and just dive in to to higher picture quality with no ads is just too good. (Neighbours works for me now as it's on digital tv and instead of ads, they just have the pretty HD demo pictures during the ad breaks - all so soothing).

Anyway, I digress.

The other reason I don't often jump on a new show bandwagon is that I'd rather know whether it sucks or not before committing to it.

Now that Heroes has hit the pricing sweet spot for me - $35 for series one, though I'll probably pay more for series 2 if I find it now that I'm hooked - I took the plunge on the weekend and dove in.

And it's great.

I'm not talking HBO great like Sopranos or Curb Your Enthusiasm but Heroes manages to bring all the elements of a great comic book story about relatively realistic (ok, tv realistic but still) people discovering they have various super powers.

I'll go into more detail soon - I'm 2 discs away from finishing season 1 and discovering whether they can stop New York City from being blown away in a nuclear explosion predicted by the future painting junkie and witnessed by the time-travelling Japanese uber-nerd. (Given the existence of seasons 2 and 3 I'll go out on a limb and predict that the heroes are able to save the day - it's the how of it all that is the interesting part anyway really).