Pitying: this guy and the object of his affections

This is two phone messages left by a guy - going by the name Dmitri - who has apparently been reading a few too many of those "how to pick up girls" books - or something, who knows what is going on.

They are kind of painful but at the same time compelling. (You have to love the classiness of the man in his listing of the kinds of women he won't date and why he is such "a catch")

Evidently there is a whole creepy back-story to this as well - which you can find here. (I will say that this is all internet talk so who knows what's true and what isn't but if even a fraction of it is, then eyyyeeeewwww.)

Douchebag Phone Message - Watch more free videos

Actually, on digging a little further, this guy apparently has a website, which lists him as "Canada's greatest lover and seducer". He runs workshops and does a bunch of other stuff and is in the process of making a documentary - presumably about himself. This image from the top of his website is revealing, describing his opponents as femi-nazis.

As I say, I'm not 100% sure that this is all for real - it could be a well constructed hoax, but once again, if it is, then eeeyyyeeeewwww.