Flashing: my ePeen

Epeen is as rude as it sounds and doubly geeky.

Urban Dictionary describes it as:

short for electronic penis, this is used for losers on the internet to try and boost their self esteem by using a facticious item such as the epeen, usually refered to in size.
my epeen is bigger than yours
did you see the size of his epeen?

To put it another way, it's the nerd equivalent of talking about how awesome you are based on your latest bit of hardware - in the same way that car people talk about dropping in a 351 hemi with added donk (or whatever it is that they say).

Anyways, all of this aside, I am a little pleased with myself about my latest tech purchase, a 16GB USB drive from Zazz.com.au at the bargain price of $59.95

(Though it amazes me to think that 10 years ago I spent something like $2700 on an iMac which had a 4GB hard drive.)

Zazz is one of those sites that offers one product at a bargain price for one day and so far it's been pretty good. Well worth adding to your rss feed.