Marking: more than a year without shampoo

A year and five days ago I stopped using shampoo. This was because I'd read that shampoo actually makes your hair worse by breaking down the natural oils in your hair and creating a cycle of dependency. The theory goes that if you can stop using it for 6 weeks, your hair finds its natural balance and is healthier.

I chronicled the first hundred days or so of this experiment here and to be honest I pretty much forgot about it after that.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that all is still going well in the follicle department - it isn't smelly or greasy (I rinse it well every shower) and feels full and healthy.
Brushing it every day makes a difference - distributing the natural oils more I guess - this was something that I forgot about a little on the cycling holiday and wondered why it was getting a little messy (wearing a bike helmet all day probably didn't help either) but since I've been back and brushing, it's all good. (I could probably do with a trim but that's a whole other matter)

The "health and beauty" industry - putting the sham into shampoo.