Considering: English of the Dead

This game - English of the Dead - looks like a fascinating example of exactly what I'm exploring in my current project into using First Person Shooter (FPS) games for educational purposes - in this case language teaching.

It addresses one of my biggest problems with the genre which is it's lack of support for the learner to input language into the system. Being a game for the Nintendo DS (which I'm seriously considering getting now with the imminent release of the awesomely titled Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ), it is able to make use of the two stylus controlled touch screens, providing space on the bottom screen for the player to physically write in letters that they need to make the words to stop the attacking zombies. (Yeah yeah, again with the zombies)

This promotional video for the game gives the gist - it's all in Japanese and the style and graphics are out there (what is in the water up there?) but it's interesting. There's also a (violence free) demo that you can play online at http://eod.sega.jp/taiken/