Remembering: the London Eye

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I'm not sure if this is cheating (in blogging terms) but I have a tonne of pix from the trip and it seems wasteful not to make use of some of the better ones.

I like this one because it gives a sense of the scale of the London Eye and the menacing clouds in the background add a little drama to it. (You can click on the image to see the larger version)

For a glorified ferris wheel it was probably a little exxy at 15.50 (pounds, not dollars) but after a while you get a little immune to the tourist trap gouge and just figure - well, what the hell, might as well see what the fuss is about.

A spin around the wheel takes around 30 minutes and is somewhat pretentiously referred to as a "flight". (Evidently something to do with British Airways early involvement with the project according to the PC)

I have to confess that I was keener to try the Eye after seeing Karl and Susan having a go on it on an episode of Neighbours last year (although they had a bubble to themselves and weren't sharing with a German family with an uncanny knack for being everywhere you want to go)

There were some pretty impressive overall views from the thing - but not really translating so well to photos and it was impressive to get a bird's eye perspective of the endless muddle of streets that make up the city but I wouldn't write home about it (unless I had some blog space to fill :)