Writing: a job application

The funny thing about working at a job that you really enjoy is that after a while, you don't really see the things that you do as big major tasks - it's just the stuff that you do.

My job, as an educational media designer (or whatever title I think fits this week :) generally involves a bunch of little things - usually running around helping teachers with using technology in their teaching in some way - and occasionally work on larger scale projects. (Though mainly the former)

Which is making the process I'm going through now a little tricky. (Well that and my natural modesty :)

In the process of applying for the next level up in my job (which is essentially what I do now as far as I can see), I have to respond to a bunch of selection criteria.
This pretty well means that I need to provide concrete, interesting examples of big things that I've done - however most of what I feel achieves the most tends to come in the little 10 minute tasks that are rarely worth mentioning but which take a teacher from one level of skill to another. (At least, these are the ones that I enjoy the most)

Here are some of the things I need to justify:
(and some of the smart-arsed answers that always seem to be the first thing to come to mind when asked official sounding questions)

Proven ability to lead and develop educational projects relevant to the priorities and objectives of the Institute.

Proven ability to communicate professional skills to colleagues, clients and key stakeholders.

Proven ability to represent the Institute in a professional capacity.

I have consistently resisted all urges to strip down and dance nude on the table at power meetings for the last five years

Proven team leading and project management experience within an education design, media, web development or related educational technology, or information and communications technology, environment.

Regularly pwn n00bs and lead successful group attacks in 2Fort and Dustbowl levels of Team Fortress 2 on Xbox Live.