Winning: a shiny white PSP slim

Not a bad start to the day hey - the local game design school here in The Can' - the Academy of Interactive Entertainment - has an email newsletter that they put out and a few months ago they mentioned that if you go to their website and forward the email to other people (ok, it's like spam but - uh, not) then one lucky person could win a shiny shiny PSP.

And I'll be buttered and burnt on both sides if it wasn't me.


It's an upgrade from the original model, sleeker and able to handle the upcoming Skype connectivity that is due to be released soon. Got it hooked up to our broadband testing account as well - so I can sit and my desk and - uh - access - uh - the internets. (Hmm, that's probably less beneficial than I thought :)

Their sponsors even threw in a couple of games, which was nice.