LOLing: Peter Russell Clark blooper swearing

G'day. My memories of Peter Russell Clark are of a slightly dorky, highly cheerful, slightly cheesy bloke who had these 5 minute filler mini-cooking shows on the ABC (the national broadcaster) in the 80s. He also did a range of ads on commercial telly for cheese, most famously including his catchphrase - where's the cheese?

Then he kind of just faded into obscurity - until (for me) yesterday, when I came across this awesome series of blooper clips from those ads and shows that demonstrate what a top bloke (crass, funny and seemingly genuinely decent) he really is.

Be mindful that there is a fair bit of swearing in here. (Click here to view video)

What really demonstrated his top-blokeness was a followup interview he did on JJJ a few days ago, where he's really not at all phased that the clips have made it online and manages to pull out a few more classic lines.