Watching: Priscilla Queen of the desert - the musical

Priscilla Queen of the Desert - The Musical isn't the sort of show that I'd generally go to see but I won tickets at a trivia night and it seemed like a good excuse to take the PC for a trip to the big smoke.

I was initially going to say that I'm not one for musicals in general but then I remembered that I really enjoyed Keating the Musical earlier this year and also got excited about the thought of Aaron Sorkin writing the script for a musical of The Flaming Lips album Yoshimi Battles the pink robots so I guess they're not all bad.

For what it was, PQOTD-TM was good fun - it's bright and shiny, colourful and loud and moved along at a good pace. The costumes and sets were a match for those in Cirque De Soleil - not as stylish/cool in some ways but far more out there and funny in others.

Musically (song-wise) it was what you would expect - one camped up commercial disco/pop anthem after another - all the songs that you've heard somewhere or another all well performed etc but generally just not my bag. (Because obviously I'm soooo cool and alternative and all :)

We went to the matinee session (better seats) so the main roles were filled by the understudies but this didn't seem to make much difference - I wonder in fact if they might even try a little harder as they have something to prove.

The audience was a classic seniors set - again I'm guessing that the evening show might be a younger, hipper affair (but who knows)

Overall it was good to do something a little out of the ordinary and indulge in the shallow glossiness that seemed to sum up Sydney so well.