Looking forward to: Dr Plonk

Rolf de Heer is a little like the Coen Brothers of Australian film - able to work in a huge range of genres and bring something new and awesome to them. (I think I'll post more on his filmography another time as it's pretty impressive).

His work includes dreamtime legend Ten Canoes, outback fugitive chase drama The Tracker, dark messed up psychodrama Alexandra's Project, touching tale The Old man who read loves stories, family melodrama The Quiet Room, highly underrated sci-fi eco-tale Epsilon, beautiful cerebral palsy love story Dance me to my song and cult favourite, Bad Boy Bubby.

His latest work is Dr Plonk, a modern day Charlie Chaplin style silent film comedy. It screened at the launch of new arthouse cinema Arc here and was fairly well reviewed on loadedog.com

It opens in Canberra at the end of the month.

Here's the trailer: