Soundtracking: Boonsville (and Monday Sunset)

The long rusty wheels of Boonsville, my big zombie film project are slowly grinding into action and it's about time. First stop is a teaser short "Woody and Dan" - a comedy about music and a boy from Melbourne and a girl from Sydney coming together in Canberra.

I'm writing again and I've had a go at putting the first draft of a soundtrack together, which (if you'll excuse the indulgence) will also be the show for tomorrow.

My Pal God Tales from the Oz Underground 76-89 3:21

This is one of my all time favourite songs and it acts as an initial spark point between Dan and Sharyn (Woody) when they met in the uni bar.

(The YouTube video brings some old VHS video warping to the sound of this song)

Quick way to hell The Fuelers Hot Dang 3:42

I'm pretty keen to bring a definite local feel to this soundtrack and I like the sound that these guys produce - this is a great slinky atmospheric track - I'd probably use the intro more

0020 Need you this way The Kleptones 24 Hours 4:13

Mashup is a bit of a must - I'm not thinking about licensing and legalities just yet but I would like to use something along these lines if possible - beautiful blending of Walk this way (Aerosmith) and Need you tonight (INXS)

We're rising The Negotiators Apples and Oranges 4:03

Every film needs a soaring rock guitar solo

Sunday song Snowbug Inextricably intertwined 2:13

Snaggy Melbourne-styled acoustica pt. 1 (for a quiet patch)

Fitzroy Strongman Sodastream Looks like a Russian 4:10

Snaggy Melbourne-styled acoustica pt. 2 (coming out of a quiet patch)

The Shadow Reel (Live at the Zoo) Soma Rasa Soma Rasa 4:01

Getting a little more lively - this track just shouts that things are hotting up.

Let's Roll 'Em Van Lustbader The People versus VanLustbader 3:33

Not entirely sure if this is for the soundtrack but I've been really enjoying this album in the last couple of days so had to toss it in - more good rock with a hint of Oasis meeting Primal Scream.

Previous Crimes Devastations Devastations 4:58

This song is a heartbreaker and the track that really put me on to the Devs.

.32-20 blues Tom Woodward 32-20 blues 3:16

Beautifully slurry feeling blues howl from local boy with soul

Blue Guitar Fred Smith Bagarap Empires 5:29

I like the feel of this track - it's really on the move, sense of travelling through the bush

Our way of life EYE Vs the Commonwealth Government Songs of Protest 1:17

Edgy and smart remix of the old Australian Government terrorism ad

Wonder Riff Baterz Out of Hell 3:03

There will have to be a Baterz track - the guy was a frackin genius. Quite possibly this one but Zombie Girl is another option. The guitar and word play here are great.

Faded Blue - Cyan Sigh remix (Telemetry Orchestra) B(if)tek Frequencies will be remixed 3:47

Near ambient electronica from one time locals B(if)tek, remixed by Sydneysiders.
If you're telling a story about music and Canberra, there has to be some electro.

Agnus Dei Rufus Wainwright Want two 5:45

What a voice on this guy - not sure if it's for the soundtrack exactly but you have to hear this song.

I remember a time when once you used to love me Dirty 3 Horse stories 6:12

People either love or hate the Dirty 3, I love the buckets of raw emotion they cram into each song.

It's ok Black Cab Altamont Diary 2:50

A great song from a very interesting concept album about the Stones concert at Altamont in 1970 that is credited with killing the hippy era

Metal for Melbourne The Beautiful Few Metal for Melbourne 6:42

More Melbourne acoustic-snaggery - perhaps more than we need, who knows. Still a beautiful song.

Happiness' border Youth Group Urban & Eastern 3:11

Rock song that opens like a big shiny sprinkler and rings with a Flying Nun kind of rock crystal clarity.

Save My Soul Inflatable Ingrid Single 2:55

If it's Canberra and it's about music - you really need something that has a metal quality to it - this is also a track by Monday Lunchbox presenter Paul.

(Another version of My Pal - performed by White Circle Crime Club performing in Antwerp (B), 30 09 2006, at the Break Down The Walls exhibition of Vaast Colson & Dennis Tyfus.)