Playing: tunes for Monday Sunset today.

Feelings Of Grief Paul Kelly Stolen Apples 5:55

From the new Paul Kelly album (thanks Jerry for putting me onto this) - a haunting tale of sadness that lightly hangs in the air. (I generally like to kick the show off with something that echoes the feel of the previous show but also gives the indication that the direction has shifted - in this case it's two hours of trad Celtic folk from Celtic Circle, presented by a collective of nice old folkys)

Helpless Nick Cave The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young 4:32

This song has the perfect balance between sounding like a Nick and a Neil song. A beautiful song treated with a lot of respect.

Gone Zombie Ghost Train Glad Rags & Body Bags 3:12

Interesting rockabillyesque track that sounds like it's on the move in the middle of the night through some driving rain.

Bury Me Deep In Love Jimmy Little And Kylie Minogue Corroboration 3:51

Beautiful collaboration on one of the best Triffids songs by an Oz icon and someone who should be one.

Radio Tokyo Vanlustbäder The People Versus Vanlustbader 2:33

Dirty, sexy rock instrumental with a 70s swagger

Negative Hearing Youth Group Urban & Eastern 3:05

Good rockin' pop track with heart

Off The Grid The Beastie Boys The Mix-Up 4:36

This could be the end credits of a 70s movie - it has an everything's ok now feel to it - then again it could also be a bit of a drug-den party vibe where the hero is tripping out a little and then goes off into a full dream sequence kind of thing - I like the stretched out spacy quality to this one as well as the dominant guitar in the latter parts.

Little scientist Dave Robertson Little Scientists EP 3:36

Gentle song with passion that would be well at home in the (sadly defunct) Candle records (Lucksmiths, Rob Clarkson, Darren Hanlon) lineup. Interesting spoken rave about the role of science in society in the middle. (I'll be interviewing this guy in the lead up to a gig he has in Canberra in the week of Sept 10)

Bookends of winter Dave Robertson Little Scientists EP 4:10

Nice floaty ballad with a slightly nostalgic melancholy air.

Hieronymus The Clouds Penny Century 3:47

Classic early 90s poppy rock goodness from one time Canberrans.

18 Sojourn Radio Single 3:00

Interesting rock track from a Melbourne band that skirts close to Wolfmotherish cliche but brings it all back to a solid independent 70s heavy rock sound. Worth keeping an eye on.

Tell me why Neil young After the goldrush 2:58

Neil doing Neil this time - simple acoustic guitar, reedy voice and great lyrics.

You're Not Cool Baterz Out of Hell 2:17

Zippy and smart tale of junkies and the cool scene mentality in a quirky track from beloved Canberra muso.

Cherry blossom girl Air Talkie Walkie 3:39

Beautifully orchestrated glidey pop from French electro maestros.

Salvation Jane Fred Smith Soapbox 3:18

Fun song about cricket and much more that just radiates happiness with a very light guitar and drums latin vibe.

A big star The City Lights Escape from tomorrow today 2:56

Easily my favourite song of recent years with an oz politics theme (not hard as these have been very thin on the ground) - back from the days when Tony Abbott was employment minister. Bit of a Fauves feel but slightly more rockin.

Black Betty Nick Cave Used And Recommended By 2:31

Just realised that I've put two Nick Cave sung covers in here today - guess we're all just lucky right. Long before Spiderbait wove their magic over this track, Nick had his own minimalistic crack at it - it's a whole other thing and it's also great.

Que Bonita Es La Vida Rubin Steiner So Frenchy, So Chic (Disc 2) 3:45

The interesting thing about songs in another language is that you focus more on other parts - the music of the singing and of course the instruments too. This track mixes up some clean guitar and piano sounds and makes them impossibly cosmopolitan.

Superstar Underground Lovers Evil. 3:43

One of the great undervalued Oz bands of the last 20 years, the undies are here doing their ethereal droning rock thing live.

Callbacks We Are Scientists With Love And Squalor 2:02

Firing up with some smart pacy indy rock

Miles Away Yeah Yeah Yeahs UNCUT - Neat Neat Neat 2:19

More cool rock - I'm not 100% sold on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs magic but this track is definitely a cracker.

A Martyr For My Love For You The White Stripes Icky Thump 4:16

From an album that continues to grow on me, nice use of loud soft loud in a sad one.

Further On Up The Road Johnny Cash American V: A Hundred Highways 3:25

Talking of sad ones, this is a heart breaker - particularly knowing that it was the man in black's last album ever and made around the time of his wife's death. One of a number of songs on this album about imminent death.