Travelling: virtually and (more) responsibly

It's World Environment Day today (I feel a little bad now that I overslept and decided it was too cold without gloves to ride to work) so I thought it might be good to take a quick squiz at a couple of rather cool options for transport.

I'll spare you my rants and sprays about the obstinancy of the climate change deniers - or realists/pragmatists as our glorious Prime Miniature would term it - and their insistence that a 10000:1 level of acceptance of this issue requires lengthy debate (a.k.a stalling). If you've never read Andrew Bolt's thoughts on this and feel like getting riled up, check him out here.

Ok, so option one is a very cool tool that has been added to a handful of the maps in Google Maps, a little something called Street View.

(Click for full sized view)

The Google team has taken 360 degree photos at what seems to be about 10m intervals on every street in large chunks of major U.S cities including San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver. The detail isn't crystal clear but good enough and it has raised some issues around privacy but all in all, it's a pretty amazing thing. I just spent a good 20 mins wandering around New York City, which looks much more samey in terms of architecture than I was expecting.

This video explains the whole thing fairly well - the orange superhero suit is a little disturbing though.

Your second option, if you find you actually need to go places in a physical sense, is to offset your person carbon emissions through an organsation like Greenfleet.

For $40 they will plant 17 native trees, which should be enough to absorb the 4.3 tonnes of CO2 emitted by a standard family car in a year.

Now I realise that it's easy to feel that this is such a trivial drop in the ocean that it's barely worth doing but it's as much about taking a degree of personal responsibility and picking a side. It's about having a positive attitude that by using our collective numbers we can form a groundswell that a government in the thrall of its megacorporate mates can't ignore. (Try as they might)

Check out Greenfleet here.