Looking: at the floor, shuffling my feet

Ok so maybe this is a good time to begin a new concept in this blog, forgiveness Friday.

After my big spiel yesterday about the new radio show and its numerous levels of awesomeness (well I wasn't that o.t.t but you get the picture), I flicked on the wireless (as in radio) last night to hear a decidedly rock sounding track.

Interesting, I thought. Given that we are still in the progress of defining the show I waited to hear what came next or to see what Jerry had to say about the track but it was just followed by rock track after rock track. (With no talking at all - which as a side note I think is fairly poor radio).

Now the apparently completely finished and abandoned timeslot that we filled was previously The Rock Show so I'm assuming that word hadn't actually filtered down to all the presenters that the show was/is no more. Presumably after some fisticuffs in the foyer of the Griffin Centre, Jerry was felled and the Rock Show DJs took to the studio in triumph. So yes, sorry if you tuned in expecting one thing and got another (though in fairness, there was some ok stuff being played) and also apologies to Jerry for not being there (I'm sure we could have taken them :)

While I'm on a roll, I've been reading like a mad - uh - reader in the last few weeks for study type stuff (my brain actually feels a little tired with all this thinking) and this may have raised my pedantry levels a little high as far as people's writing online goes.

I have a bit of a bugbear about nice formatting of text onscreen - I like it to be broken up into digestible chunks, one idea to a paragraph and breaks between them that allow you breathing space to take the idea in before moving on. It's kind of like taking a pause while talking to make sure your listener is following.

Anyway, that's my issue and I should probably just as well keep it to myself but on occasion, it gets the better of me and I try to suggest my approach to people online which invariably seems to offend. I did this the other day and I'm sorry.

Forgiveness Friday does have its flaws though - I'm not quite ready to forgive Neighbours "star" Alan (Dr. Karl) Fletcher, an apparently dedicated unionist, for this story.

I'll let The Age explain:

Fletcher, the federal vice-president of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance — the union representing Australian actors, journalists and cultural workers — provided the voiceover for radio and TV advertisements launched last week which promote the Government's workplace information line.

He's a senior unionist and he takes on a gig in the Howard Governments multimillion dollar pre-election propaganda spending spree because

The workplace relations ad appeared to me to be a non-political commercial that advertised changes to the law and how to get information about those changes.

The ad offered no endorsement of Government policy on workplace relations and, as such, did not conflict with my personal principles

Funnily enough, the first thing Employment Minister Evil Joe Hockey said about the matter was:

We have no objection to people being members of a union, and appreciate his whole-hearted endorsement of the government's workplace industrial relations reforms

Gosh, didn't see that coming. What are you, simple?. Does Neighbours not provide a decent living?

As to the argument that it was just a job and thus separate from personal politics, I'm going to have to let Dante and Randall (from Clerks) field that one.

Now (and I address this to Dr. Karl, well aware that you are just a fictional character on a soap opera) I have gone into bat for you more than a number of times, backing you up against the cruel jibes and insinuations of my Dr Karl hating friends.

I thought it was quirky when you went all "The Good Life" and did the whole home farm sustainability thing. I backed you when you botched the paternity test on Skye's bogan baby and threw Dylan and Stingray's lives into turmoil. I took it on the chin when you went to London and bumped into every halfarsed Aussie expat celebrity Neighbours could fling at you and Susan. I flinched when you took on a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep but your adventures with hair dye redeemed you for a while.

But this, Dr Karl, is too much. You're dead to me Karl Kennedy-Kinski. It's going to take some pretty goddamned fancy footwork to get out of this one and frankly I'm not sure that you - even you and Susan combined - have it in you. Shame Dr Karl Shame.