Watching: Priceless (Hors de prix)

Priceless is a fluffy romantic comedy about love and money in the jetset coastal resort areas of France. (The Riviera? Monaco?). The two leads - Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh (both hugely popular stars in France)- carry the film beautifully.

The story is simple, Irene (Tautou) is a young woman who is happy to take up with any man who will have her as long as he is able to afford her taste for luxury and Jean (Elmaleh) is a poor waiter/barman in a luxury hotel who Irene initially mistakes for a millionaire. Jean is instantly smitten with Irene and keeps up the facade as long as he can until it all comes tumbling down.

She skips town, he follows, spends his savings to be with her a little longer and somehow falls into the life of a similarly kept man/gigolo. Friendship grows as Irene helps Jean make the most of his new unexpected "career" and as it's a romantic comedy, things take a few more twists from here.

I've already mentioned the performances of Tautou (familiar from Amelie) and Elmaleh (great to watch as a comedic actor) and would also have to throw in the locations themselves as additional eye-candy.

The story is a little edgier than your standard Hollywood rom-com - the behaviour of the two (particularly Irene, the old hand at this game) is perhaps a little unsavoury (but then again, their respective partners seem well aware of the rules of the game) and it makes some pointedly cynical (but funny) observations about love, flirting and seduction along the way.

There's not a bunch of substance to this film but it keeps you interested and chuckling and is a fun watch.

Here's the trailer.