Revisiting: Behind the lines - The years best cartoons

Earlier this year I attended a great exhibition of cartoons from the last year. Given the number of crappy things that happened in 2006 (Cronulla riots aftermath, AWB scam, Workchoices Industrial Relations "reforms", war in Lebanon, climate change debate, Iraq war) it was a bumper year for it.

While responding to a comment from Stuart (who seems like a top bloke, incidentally) about Conservapedia, I was reminded of a cartoon dealing with perceived left-wing bias at the ABC and managed to trawl through the archives of the National Museum of Australia website to find it.

Lo and behold, you are able to wander through the whole show - a show, ironically enough that had the right-wingers ranting about more left wing bias. (But then again, I guess it's easier to attack the messenger than to actually deal with the issues being discussed and the fact that most of them are wide open to ridicule)

You can check out all of the cartoons here and here are a few that I particularly liked. (Click on the images for fullsize view)