Playing: Trivial Pursuit (online)

Lightening things up a little because, oddly enough, not everyone is interested in educational/learning theory first thing on a Monday morning (actually, that would be Muntzday today - Happy birthday gorgeous), here's something else.

After getting back on the Trivial Pursuit horse on the weekend (with much fun), I thought it was time to share a very evil and disruptive website that I've been trying hard to avoid for a week or so now, in the spirit of offering a mental distraction from work that we all need once in a while. (Like when, oh, I don't know, blogging perhaps :)

There's quite a nifty online version of Triv available here - http://www.gamefools.com/onlinegames/free/TrivialPursuitBringonthe90s.html that offers a scaled down version of the game (playing for 3 pieces of pie) against the computer. It also allows you to jump in first on questions that the computer has to answer and steal the turn back, which is a nice work around to the problem of waiting for it to get through its go.

It's 90s themed, not too taxing and makes nice little chimey sounds when you get it right.