Connecting: French fries and French food

I took my new girlfriend (tee hee) out for a birthday dinner last night to a French restaurant in town (Ardeche - pretty bloody tasty I might say too) and while browsing through the menu was struck by the inclusion of French fries in the description of the boeuf bourguignon. (Essentially a beef stew with big honking chunks of melt in your mouth beef)

(Let's not get into the failure of 4 years of high school French to get me through the pronunciation of bourguignon here either)

Looking through all the other items, everything seemed so refined and then these french fries just kind of leap off the page at you.

Of course, far be it from me to make the connection between the French in french fries and French food, surely it's just coincidence right? Fortunately my somewhat more worldly dining partner was able to set me straight and make the point that they are actually a common part of a number of dishes in France.