Returning to Sunset

Well I've had a bit of a break from playing tunes on 2XX but now I'm back - on a new day (Wednesday - today) and with a slightly new format (more emphasis on the local music scene and Oz tracks) but still at the same time - 4.30 to 6.00 (AEST)

If you're interested, you can even listen to the stream - http://www.2xxfm.org.au/08/2xx.m3u

Here is the selection for today - though the laws of time and space mean that I won't get through all of it.

Hoodoo You Love The Drones Stoneage Cameos 2:48
Girl In A Sweater The Hard-Ons Born Out Of Time - The Australian Indie Sound 1979-88 2:45
Four Photos Fire On The Hill Endless Smiley Sunstar 5:41
Generation Abc Justin Heazlewood The Bedroom Philosopher - Living On The Edge Of My Bed 2:24
Party Started The Cat Empire Two Shoes 3:47
Bird On A Wire Sarah Blasko As Day Follows Night 3:14
April Of The Dickheads Tex Perkins Great Big Squiddy Fun - A Baterz Tribute 3:44
Twee Penelope Swales Great Big Squiddy Fun - A Baterz Tribute 2:57
The Cops The Paradise Motel Australian Ghost Story 4:00
Familiar Stranger The Paradise Motel Australian Ghost Story 3:47
Heathen Child Grinderman Grinderman 2 4:55
Long Days In Bed Lee Memorial The Lives Of Lee Memorial 3:26
Hoedown Beaches Beaches 2:51
Pop Crimes Rowland S. Howard Pop Crimes 7:23
(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny Rowland S. Howard Pop Crimes 3:51
Sweet Guy Adalita Before Too Long: triple j's Tribute to Paul Kelly 3:51
Wedding Day Sam Evans Brown Couch Soundtrack 2:54
Better the devil you know The Meanies Bigger than Tina 3:05
Mistakes The Devastations Yes, U 3:05
Shivers - 1 Nick Cave and the Dirty 3 Single 5:11

Quick Way To Hell The Fuelers Hot Dang 3:43
World Divided The View From Here Songs Of Protest 3:16
A Big Star The City Lights Rock Against Howard 2:55
Blade-running Elf Preview 4:13
Wired For Sound B(if)tek 2020 3:52
12 Gates To The City Suzie Higgie Songs Of Habit 4:57
Pop Star Girl Tom Woodward 32-20 Blues 3:53
The Illustrated man Konrad Lenz Living with the spirits of the dead 3:58
Under the Milky Way The Church El Momento Descuidado 4:52
Dirty Water Randall Blair And The Wedded Bliss Tattoos And Taillights 4:46
Blue Guitar Fred Smith Bagarap Empires 5:29
The Black Sea Waltz Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen 3:24
Life's So Hard God God 4:02
My Pal (Live) God GOD 6:56
Electrical Storm (Live) Ed Kuepper This Is The Magic Mile 6:37
The day we lost Fitzroy The Bites White lines and runways 3:06
The Sandringham line The lucksmiths Naturaliste 5:27