The guy who did the spider drawing to pay a bill has a whole website

You must have seen the email detailing the amusing email exchange between a guy trying to pay his power bill with a drawing of a seven legged spider and his power company right? It's gold.

Anyway, I found out today that he in fact has a whole website of similar exchanges - either he's a massive smart arse or a very imaginative writer. Either way, it's entirely worth a look.

Personal highlights for me include his response to a client asking him to do some graphic design work for free (a not-uncommon request in the design world) as well as creating some pie charts.

The general modus operandi seems to be responding to irritating and/or officious requests with a beautiful hybrid of rambling, absurdity, trolling and sarcasm. I'm not normally that great a fan of sarcasm - on its own it's generally what people who overrate their intelligence use to feel witty - but in combination with everything else, it works a treat.

Other posts seem to be even more random, possibly grabbing images from social networking sites and concocting bizarre stories around them. One resulted in a threatening legal letter (which he of course took the opportunity to play with) before agreeing to "change the name" of the target - the name which funnily enough remains listed in the legal exchange.

In fairness though, the guy does have a very clear message on the complaints page of his site to
Go away

this site contains none of your business
and is for my amusement only.

You do not have permission to access the content and if you do decide to enter this site, you agree to waive all rights.

From what I can gather, this guy is also from Adelaide (for which he has my deepest condolences)