Am I hot or (gee, I wish I could think of a word that would fit there - Microsoft, can you help me?)

United States Patent Application 20090150203
Kind Code A1
Baudisch; Patrick ;   et al. June 11, 2009


Architecture for providing feedback to a viewer and/or contributor on fashion and other personal appearance decisions that the contributor desires. The contributor uploads self images for viewing and rating (or voting) by viewers who choose provide an opinion on different fashion and/or cosmetic looks of the contributor. The contributor takes images show the contributor presented with a number (e.g., two) of different fashion choices. The snapshots can then be processed for upload to a website or other accessible location by one or more viewers. The viewers can cast a vote for one of the images by selecting the desired image, in response to which the viewer and/or contributor will be presented with overall statistics for that set of images as to how other viewers voted, as well as a next set of photos depicting the user in a different fashion and/or cosmetic choice. This process can continue until terminated.

 According to this US Patent application, Microsoft just invented Am I Hot Or Not?

In December 2007. 

Yeah that'll stick. 

(And corporations wonder why average people laugh at copyright)