Treating my inner child

I've been in the mood for a little retail therapy this weekend, I wasn't planning on any big purchases, just a few trivial items to give me the economy a little boost.

I had read on my favourite tightwad site, Economical Gamer, that JB HiFi will be running a "trade in 2 DS games, get GTA:Chinatown Wars free" deal, which ties nicely with the fact that Game has a sale of old crappy DS games at $8 a pop, giving me a $50 game I was bound to buy anyway for $16. (Just like hunting, isn't it)

So with that and the need to pick up some new tubes for the pushbike (oh and food and stuff), I set off for Canberra Mall.

Cruising around JB though, I came upon this baby, which pretty well leapt out and started begging in a childlike whine to come home with me. After all, here we have zombies (tick), a big fake gun (tick) and shooting virtual stuff (tick), all wrapped up in a sleazy 70s style exploitation film style video game. (tick and tick).

I remember playing the original House of the Dead game in the arcades, back in the day - they did a nice job of hyping it up by having the playing area/screen covered up by a curtained off area that you had to step into - such was the horror and gore of the gaming experience. The game itself was fun enough, a zombie killing rail shooter (you don't control where you move in the game space, just where you shoot) and it had a nice line in badly translated Japanese dialogue.

This spun off to Typing of the Dead, which replaced the guns with a keyboard and had you quickly type words at attacking zombies in an oddly effective typing practice exercise.

Anyway, I haven't even played this game yet, I've just been impressed enough with the peripheral - which actually feels pretty good in the hand - and the box it came in.

The House of the Dead Overkill also has some nice functionality, including a poster generator that I used to put this baby together. (click for full sized version)

Guess I should go and have a play now.

Pew pew pew urrrrhhhhhh

Update: That should probably be POW POW POW

And man, that gun gets heavy after a while - two handed grip is definitely the way to go. Music is very 70s exploitation funky cool though and shooting zombies is rather satisfying. I have died a few times already though, so better get some practice in before the (real-world) inevitable zombie apocalypse