As if there weren't enough reasons already to hate TV Week

I can put up with the calvacade of mediocrity that gets launched into the Australian fame stratosphere by mouth-breathing teen mums with mobile phones and a copy of the Logies voting form but as I sit here today, TV Week has gone too far.

Waiting in line on a hot summer afternoon in the local supermarket to buy an over-priced pack of Frosty Fruits, what smacks me squarely in the peepers but this front page spoiler to the 2008 season finale cliff-hanger white water rafting accident?

Neighbours SHOCKS - Zeke Killed!

(Credit for leaving out the extra exclamation marks and the ZOMG!!! in fairness)

Well it's hardly a frakking shock now is it - it's on the front bloody page.

Sure, it's not the headline story but being the unashamed Neighbours afficionado that I am, this was pretty much the only thing I saw as I idly cast my eyes over the mag stand.

I'm the first to admit that the 08 cliffhanger, while maintaining the proud tradition of particularly low-rent stunt work that this show should be better known for, was lame even by Neighbours standards. And Zeke is perhaps the most irritatingly whiny, emo, season-7 Buffy-esque (without the awesome skillz) sookbag character but still, Jumpsuit and her equally bad-haired unborn baby was on one of those rafts and now I know that she's safe too.

Booooo TV Week.