I can haz another 15 minutes of fame?

Movember is creeping up on us and this year I've found a new group of homeboys to share the joys of growing appalling facial hair for charity with. I've been getting into Screenplay, the games blog on The Age, recently and posting the odd comment or five on the discussion boards under my gamername, Singo the Dingo.

The good thing about this blog is that the author, Jason Hill, encourages readers to post their own stories.
So I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and plug the Screenplay Movember team as well as briefly discuss the role of the moustache in gaming. You can check it out here - it begins under the Great Gaming Moustaches subheading. (Or, you know, you could just keep reading it here)

If you would like to sponsor me or join the team (men and women are welcome - women are free to not grow the mo : ), please click the link at the bottom.

Great gaming moustaches
Gamers measure the greatness of games using a complex personal algorithm that includes (among other things) shiny next-gen graphics, captivating stories, sheer fun-itude, massive explosions and characters with stonking great... guns.

Ultimately though, there is a single element in any game that will invariably tell you, at a glance, whether a game is worthy of your time and your hard-earned cash. Take a closer look at the main characters in the proven greats - it's been right under our noses all this time - it's the moustache.

In a list which has been shamelessly adapted from other time-killer lists on the Internetz, I present to you, the Great Moustaches of Gaming.

1. Mario (from Mario series)
2. Snake (from Metal Gear Solid)
3. Dr Robotnik (bad guy from Sonic)
4. Luigi (from Mario series)
5. Ocelot (from Metal Gear Solid)
6. Mike Haggar (from Final Fight)
7. Wario (from Mario series)
8. Dr. Wily (from MegaMan)
9. King of All Cosmos (from Katamari Damacy)
10. Dracula (from Castlevania)

Heroes all. (Even the villains, such is the power of the moustache). The great thing about gaming is that it gives us all an opportunity to be heroes and as this list should make eminently apparent, heroes have moustaches.

Ok, tortuous segue aside, a handful (so far) of Screen Players, led by Cannon and including myself, have signed up for Movember, a fundraising initiative for Men's Health that involves growing a Mo in November.

I think this is a great way for us to continue the work that Jason started with the 40 Hour Famine as well as a chance to have a bit of fun for a good cause. Please sign up and join the team or make a donation at http://au.movember.com/mospace/1434296

(By the way, women - or Mo' Sisters as they are known - are also warmly welcomed in the Movember fold)
- Singo the Dingo