Whooooahing:Mozilla's Ubiquity plugin for Firefox

I've been checking out a new plug-in for Firefox this morning which is seriously blowing my mind. It's called Ubiquity and you can find it here. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Ubiquity/Ubiquity_0.1_User_Tutorial

In essence, it allows you to open a small window in your browser window like this and type in a few words to perform a whole range of functions.

So far I've been able to:
  • get instant translations of selected text
  • search websites like Flickr, wikipedia, youtube, googlemaps and more
  • send emails
  • perform calculations
  • edit the text on webpages
  • convert a webpage to a pdf file
  • check email addresses in my contact list by typing a persons name
  • highlight text on a page
  • add maps to email (though not yet to this blog post)
  • send a message to my twitter account
  • get a word-count of text selected on a page (148 words up to this point)
  • check the weather
  • zoom in and out of the page
All by just pressing ctrl-space and entering a few logical words

I already feel like my computer use has changed forever.

I will say this, it's not yet a perfect system - it's only in alpha (a step or so before beta) and a few of the things that I've tried haven't quite worked as they should. A meeting I tried to add to google calender didn't appear and some of the emails I sent had a little bit of html code in them - but seriously, everything else has worked astoundingly well.

This video showcases some of it - it's about 6 minutes.