Considering: Turkey Shoot vs Shine a light

The funky Arc cinema at the National Film and Sound Archive has a screening this Thursday of Turkey Shoot - a 1982 Australian exploitation classic. It's your standard tale of rich bastards in the future using a private prison isle (Camp Thatcher) as a human hunting range, which of course goes awry. Evidently it's Tarantino's fave Oz film of all time.

I saw it on crappy VHS years ago and remember it as being pretty cool. Considering my love of the sclocky, it would seem no contest right?

The problem is, that this is the same night that the ANU Film Group is screening Scorsese's Rolling Stones concert film Shine a light. As someone who has only really picked up on the Stones in the last few years, this is also something I'd really like to check out. I mean seriously - Mick, Keef and Marty - fuggedabudit

The worst part is that these two screenings will be within a couple of hundred metres of each other.

I'll probably go Turkey Shoot at a guess and wait/hope for a bluray release of Shine a light (which on the balance of things is a little more likely)