Wondering: about the person who writes the Fantales wrappers

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For those who came in late - Fantales are a reasonably popular chocolate covered caramel in Australia which have wrappers providing various movie trivia.

I picked up a bag a few weeks back and noticed a couple of things - they don't seem to have been updated since around 2002 and the writer of the trivia appears to have an interesting take on language. Even if it is about Adam Sandler, tossing words like "loony" and "retard" seems a little wrong.

If you find the picture a little hard to read, this is the part I found a little surprising:

He played a clown in Shakes the Clown (91), a dimwit in Billy Madison (95), a loony in Happy Gilmore (96), a dork in The Wedding Singer (97) and a retard in The Waterboy (98)... all big hits.

I can appreciate that you only have a small amount of space to cover the many accomplishments of the various shiny stars and so brevity is important but even back in 2002, what were they thinking?

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(I thought about contacting the manufacturers for a comment but was worried that they might just call me a poo-head and hang up).