Watching: Vexille

It's been a while since I've seen a new anime (and particular in a cinema)but now that I've seen Vexille, I'll be making more of an effort.

While it's still full of robots, nanotechnology and well more robots, Vexille tells a fairly straightforward story for anime which would be at home in a Hollywood sci-fi action blockbuster. Actually, scratch that, this leaves the aforementioned blockbusters in its dust, even though it's easy to see the influence that these films have had on Vexille.

The CGI has enough artistic style added to it to avoid any kinds of uncanny valley issues and in the process creates a sometimes impossibly beautiful world that truly demonstrates the eye-candy power that this form of animation has to offer.

To talk about the story in anything but the scantest detail would be to give away what is a pretty cool plot which in the tradition of great sci-fi has plenty to say about where we might be going and what happens in the wrong people (i.e big business) are making the decisions. Vexille works well because it is able to bring these elements to the screen but at the same time offer enough character insight to make them sympathetic.

Suffice to say, if you're not averse to robots, action and awesome special effects, Vexille is well worth a look. I may even go back for another go. Within the first two or three minutes of the film I had this big nerdy "that's-so-awesome" grin creep across my face which didn't leave for hours afterwards.