Still playing: GTA IV

Ok, just a couple of quick updates:

Niko Bellic can swim (I haven't tried swimming under water yet)

The radio stations really are awesome - spent a few hours driving around Liberty City last night to some very cool jazz. The music you choose really does create a different mood to the gaming experience. Given the "reality" (as far as I know anyway) of the city and the hundreds of films set in New York, it's hard not to make connections. One minutes you're driving around Mean Street, another it's Annie Hall. (Now if I can just find a nerdy looking guy wearing glasses playing clarinet to run over with my Hummer/Patriot, the gaming experience will be complete.)

The social commentary keeps getting better as well on the Fox-like (Weasel) radio station - hard-core Neocons banging on about the need to scrap the minimum wage, health care and so on because it's making America uncompetitive - not sure you'll be getting that in Duke Nukem Forever. (And the little ubernerd kid whose solution to world hunger - "it's a supply and demand problem" is to compost a majority of the worlds hungry poor people to increase food production - all played with a perfectly straight bat and all hilarious.)