Collapsing: into a London bed

Well after 43 hours on the road (sky whatever) we are here in Londinium.

Good flight from Syd to BKK, boring as batshit one from BKK to LON - amazing the difference one of those touchscreen video on demand dealies does.

Great ride along the Grand Union Canal which covered everything from The Bill yoof gang menaces (ok, a couple of kids wearing bandannas on their faces) to decrepit industrial England to the la-ta-de-dah side of the city.

Had an amazing Indian meal in the City (the financial hub) at a price which probably matched but too tired to care and it was worth the dosh. Still a little hazy on conversions which is a good thing at the moment.

Pics to come - loving the bike and riding about this mad city - such polite drivers, it truly is a cyclists joy.