Looking forward to: Diary of the Dead

Looks like zombie-film icon George A. Romero is on a bit of a roll now, with the fifth installment in the Night of the Living Dead series well on the way.

Diary of the Dead goes back to the events of the first film - originally set in the late 60s but now updated to the modern day through the magic of being a super-awesome film-maker and allowed to do whatever you wish.

It takes the slightly over-used approach of a group of young film-makers with a camcorder documenting the weirdness going on around them - but hey, it's Romero and I'm sure he'll do this story telling mechanic justice and bring something special to it as well.

No idea when it's due out here but it's been out in the U.S for a couple of weeks and has a passable 66% on Metacritic. (But most of the negative reviews that dragged this score down seem to be reacting to Romero's grim view of society than the film itself)

Notable beacon of progressive thought, the Murdoch owned New York Post, has this to say:

Romero's we're-all-doomed-and-maybe-we-deserve-it pessimism is so extreme he would fit right in with a real group of brain-eaters: the French.

Here's the trailer.

There is also a great interview in the AV Club on The Onion website with the great man himself - check it out here.