LOLing: Yahtzee on Sim City Societies

Yahtzee is a very funny, very sharp and very fast talking games reviewer (and game maker) who has rapidly developed a cult following on The Escapist website.

He uses simple graphical animations to illustrate his fast rant reviews and claims the great Charlie Brooker (who I've mentioned here before) as a stylistic influence.

A couple of random quotes might start to give you a sense of his style:

Japanese RPGs and me have this little understanding: I don't play them and they can suck as much as they like somewhere far away from me.

# It's kinda like if Tim Schafer knocked up David Lynch in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and he did meth right up until the birth

The day I fork out seventy bucks for an expansion pack is the day I swallow razor wire, pull the end out of my arse and floss myself to death!

(You can find the complete index of reviews here)

This week he looked at Sim City Societies, skewering it mercilessly and pointing out that it makes it easy to see how simple it would be to set up totalitarian societies.

He has also previously done great reviews of The Orange Box (including my fave game Portal), Guitar Hero III and Halo 3, among others.