Enjoying: the naughty party kids story

The story of a Narre Warren South teenager's party turned feral has been all over the news in recent days (presumably in the absence of anything more significant happening in this country) and I have to say, that I'm really enjoying the whole hullabaloo that has been kicked up.

It's your typical parents-away-invitation-posted-on-myspace-party-gone-wrong - with hundreds of loud drunken yoof turning up to a party and then turning on the police that are sent to disperse them when a neighbour complains. In this instance, police say that 500 drunken youth were in the street outside the house and threw bottles at the police car when they turned up.

The police in turn called in the dog squad and a helicopter to chase them away. (Not sure how the helicopter works in this instance).

Now the MSM (mainstream media) is all a flutter about the police commissioners statement that she thinks the boy who organised the party should have to pay the $20000 it cost to bring in the extra police (and at the price, presumably the cast of CSI).

The boy meanwhile - who seems every bit the young blonde tool loving his moment in the sun that a 16 y.o should - has been splashed all over the news for the last few days and - as is the way with the young folks, well schooled in the fine art of not-my-responsibility by the former Howard govt, doesn't see what the fuss is about.

He's also managed to come out with some pearler comments, which is why I think - meh, good on him.

When asked by the Nine Network what advice he had for other teenagers considering throwing a party while mum and dad are away, he said: "Get me to do it for you.

"Best party ever, that's what everyone's saying.''

But they (his parents) haven't had a chance to talk to their sociable son, who was still in his party clothes today - unzipped jacket, loud cap and big sun glasses.

"I haven't really talked to them because every time they try to call, I don't answer,'' Corey told Nine.

"They'll probably try to kill me.''

Corey told Nine he knew he had invited a lot of people but could not remember how the party started.

"I was just off my head,'' he said.

He refused to take responsibility for the damage.

"It was my party, but it could have been any random person walking down the street,'' he said.

I've also really enjoyed the footage taken by the tv networks trying to show the aftermath of the party - I saw the same shot of two half empty Vodka Cruiser bottles sitting in a garden bed replayed at least 3 times in one story, there was a tiny bit of broken glass on the road and that was the best they could do. I've seen worse in my backyard. Watch the ABC video here.

Actually, now that I think about it, you have 500 teenagers at a party with stuff being thrown at a cop car - are you really telling me there isn't a scrap of mobile phone video of this out there that someone hasn't wanted to sell? Now that's odd.

I also read somewhere online that the reason the party numbers swelled so much was that another large party was shut down shortly before in a neighbouring suburb. No mention of this in the msm.

All this said, I wouldn't be overly happy if this was going on outside my house but I have to give them points for being so delightfully obnoxiously young about it all.