Considering: fake news comedy for the radio show

The routine of doing the radio show has been getting to me a little of late - play a few tracks, read a few community announcements, play the same promo packages week in & out, do the weather , cross to the BBC world news and so on - it's all a little same same to be honest.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking about packing it in, I've just been getting a little stale.

So last night I tossed in my own news story at the end of the news break - it didn't come out exactly as well as I'd planned it in my head and so I backtracked almost as soon as I'd finished (according to the PC), basically saying that it hadn't gone as well as I'd meant (which really is something that I need to stop doing - people can make up their own minds as to how good something like that is).

It went something like this:

And turning to local news, Prime Minister John Howard today announced that if re-elected, he will give every little girl in Australia a pony.

Just a little throwaway line for amusement's sake but I'm thinking that this could be a good way to bring a little more fun to the show - maybe one of these or a fake community announcement (always read deadpan) in each talking break.

I had been thinking that I'd like to get a serialised radio play going but that's a much bigger endeavour.

Anyways, if there's anyone out there who fancies their wit, feel free to leave any suggestions for "stories" in here and I'll read it out. (legal stuff allowing, of course)