PWNing: The ANU Film Group movie trivia night

At the risk of sounding a little full of myself, the PC and I rocked the house on Saturday night at the ANU Film Group movie trivia night, with a 10 point victory over a bunch (at least 100) of some very nerdy film types.

Credit should of course go to most of the rest of our team as well (Team "How's the serenity?"), who, like us, hadn't organised a table but lobbed up assuming we'd be able to join one.

As far as quiz nights go, I think it was one of the best organised and most fun ones I've been to - well paced, entertaining and with an imaginative variety of questions and mini-activities.

Table games included an image containing picture clues to the titles of 20 movies (including a large, black bird soaring in the sky which a number of table members had to be convinced was The Crow rather than Black Hawk Down) and a series of story synopses which had been translated to another language and back again online (apparently most of the table - including several film students - haven't heard of that obscure indie flick Citizen Kane).

Question rounds included observation tests for clips, work out the theme of three selected soundtracks (eg all from franchises, all scored by John Williams, etc), a very tricky Catchphrase word puzzle round where you had picture clues which gave you actors or movies or whatever which then gave you the answer to a bigger listed puzzle (e.g Blade Runner & Black Hawk Down for Ridley Scott)

Nice to have some quiz night activities that were out of the ordinary. My taking-the-quiz-night-a-tad-too-seriously side only came out briefly a couple of times (well we were leading and our scribes were misspelling/not recognising every other name) when I had to fight the table for a couple of answers (leaf for Joaquin Phoenix's real name and Showgirls as a Golden Razzie record holder - over Gigli) - fortunately I was right after getting all insistent.

All up an entirely fun night and very well put together. (and prizes are always nice - books and privileges cards - it was an added bonus to see a former housemate - the taskmaster - come second, particularly after she rather rudely pushed in front of me in a line earlier on)

And now the PC is a little geed up about quiz shows (which I think she could do pretty well on)