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I've been looking around Everyzing a little this morning and it looks like a site with a lot of potential.

It's a search tool for online audio and video - they convert speech in the clips (podcasts, youtube videos etc) to text which is then searchable.

You can also upload your audio and videos to the site but you need to sign up to their advertising plan, which I'm not so excited about.

I was a little put off by their laughably corporate sounding About Us blurb:

EveryZing is the most powerful digital media merchandising platform available today.

Media companies of all sizes leverage our unique ability to drive the volume of online content consumption and create new and powerful revenue streams. Through our speech to text, search and optimization technologies, and consumer-facing website, we create greater opportunities for consumer and advertiser access to online content.

The company's best-in-class technology and comprehensive set of advertising services enable our partners to profit from their content by launching digital channels that deliver the entertainment, news and information that consumers crave.

but that's their perogative I guess.