Jealousing: V Festival Sydney (guest report)

Yes Jealousing is a word - I just verbed it :)

My rock buddy Jo made it up to Sydney on the weekend for the V Festival and sent me this wrap up email - it's too cool and too funny not to share. Thanks Jo (you lucky cow ;)

Phoenix and Nouvelle Vague playing as we arrived - never thought I'd hear 'Dancing With Myself" and "Too Drunk To F*ck" done as a bossa nova, but surprisingly entertaining.

New York Dolls - what can I say ? Glam punk pioneers, and poster boys for the long-term cosmetic benefits of a life time on the junk (c.f. Kim Deal, infra.). David and I actually screamed out loud at the horror, the horror, when David Johansen took off his sunglasses. And then his jacket. We both vowed that we'd have to leave if any other items of clothing were removed, but thankfully were saved that particular ordeal. All killer, no filler!

Gnarls Barkley - terrible sound quality, but a testament to the sheer joy one can get from bands who persist in wearing ludicrously over the top fancy dress. Sadly, they may never again reach the giddy heights of the entire band being dressed as Star Wars characters (Chewbacca on drums was uncannily like Animal from The Muppets). This time it was lovely crisp tennis whites and enormous sweatbands - Centre Court at Wimbledon generally an underrated motif in band costumery, although I guess Mark Knopfler was the pioneer of the dubious headband - will we ever come to grips with his horrifying legacy?!

Jarvis - living, breathing proof that skinny blokes in National Health Service specs can still get the girls (and boys) whipped into a complete frenzy. Best between song banter since Turbonegro - played his set just as the sun was going down, and said "ooh, it's about to get all atmospheric. You'll be able to touch each other". And lots of jokes about the French, always guaranteed to get a laff. Final song, of course, a rousing rendition of The C*nts Are Still Running the World. Not a dry eye in the house.

Beck - all the hits'n'memories from the world's most winsome Scientologist. And puppets! And a Pixies cover - crazy!

Pixies - Black Francis as surly as ever. Kim Deal off the junk and clearly on the pies, and has started dressing like the mum of one of your mates. And yet despite that, fully rockin' .

Groove Armada - totally fun. Gloss taken off the show a tad as a result of copping a stray couple of punches at the end when a skirmish broke out between two testosterone fuelled boys fighting over an inflatable ball - kids, eh?! Sporting quite the shiner today, but nothing that a spot of Siouxsie eye make up can't fix !!

Pet Shop Boys - we were second from front! Genuinely surprised at how tremendous they were. When we got home, Barry downloaded all of the concert pics from his phone, and a few little video snippets taken during their set. Pretty much all you can hear is me singing loudly and incredibly badly, interspersed with the occasional piglet-y squeal. Just be thankful that I was so restrained during Groove Armada ! So impressed that we've all bought tickets for their show at the Hordern next Friday - yay !!

(I'm just impressed to see what I think is correct legal citing in a music review - something sadly lacking in the rock press in general)

Thanks Jo