Whistling: in the shower

You know your day is going well (great even) when you find yourself spontaneously whistling in the shower first thing in the morning.

In previous times it's been (somewhat oddly) Click Go The Shears but today's selection was a little cooler - Pavement's 1994 hit Cut Your Hair.

Here's a sample.

Here's the Wikipedia take on the song too

Cut Your Hair is a song by American rock band, Pavement on their second album, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. The song is Pavement songwriter Stephen Malkmus' snarky ode to selling out, and, as such, it snidely attacks the importance of image and musicianship's decline in importance in the record industry. Perhaps with a bit of irony, the song was also released as a single and became the band's best selling and most popular song.

(I didn't actually realise that it was about selling out, I just thought it was about hair - oh well, there you go)

I wonder if making yourself whistle (or sing) in the shower in the morning would help you to have a good day

Thanks beautiful.