Playing : Babyfoot

Babyfoot, Foosball, Table Soccer (Babyfoot is the French term for it and I'd say the coolest) - whatever you call it, I've been playing it.

Not necessarily as well as these guys but playing it nonetheless.

My (now former) housemate Tim's friend Hamish (whose room incidentally I now live in) has a serious babyfoot table set up in his flat and Eric (French housemate), Tim and I headed over there last night for a few beers and a few games.

I might start by mentioning that this is a game that I've played perhaps 5 times in my life - it's always seemed interesting but ultimately I've tended to prefer Air Hockey.

(Not that I'm making excuses for how particularly lame I was/am at the game, it's just a fact. I'm happy to have scored a few goals in each game and not done the undy run around the table)

One of the things I like about Hamish's table is that each player has the head of a rock/pop star. (And Stevie Wonder is stuck in the middle of the field as referee).

Here's Art Garfunkel. Some I didn't recognise but I remember Kurt Cobain, PJ Harvey, Thom Yorke, Janis Joplin and I'm not sure if this was McCartney or Jagger.

There is apparently some secret key to the two teams (I suspect it's living vs dead musicians) but this is yet to be revealed.

The gameplay was fun and surprisingly physical, there are evidently key strategies that I need to learn (though I might say that we didn't see any of the trick shots from the video, so maybe if I master them...) and the evening ended with Hamish proclaimed supreme master of the table. (Ok, not literally, that would be just far too geeky but he did reign undefeated)

Here are a few more shots - I'm a bit of a fan of the camera phone look, I thought about bringing my proper digital camera but there is something very documentary, very gritty and real about pix from a camera phone that really appeals. It also brings a slightly painterly quality to things as well (if you'll excuse the wankiness)

Ok, well I'm off to eBay now to see what one of these babies is worth.

(I'm also thinking that if - scratch that - when I have a band, Babyfoot is a pretty good name. Up there with Ampersand - which unfortunately is taken).

One final thing that I liked about this particular table was that with the red vs navy blue strip it was just like the A-League final between Melbourne and Adelaide the other day.