Indulgent pre-birthday tunes on a Wednesday

Some of my faves - tune in if you like - http://www.2xxfm.org.au/2xx.m3u or 98.3fm in Canberra

The host of Seraphim    Dead Can Dance    Wake (Disc 1)    6:17
The Collaborator    Gareth Liddiard    Strange Tourist    4:59
New Race (Orig)    Radio Birdman    Do The Pop - Oz Garage Rock 76-87    4:28
Crazy    Cordrazine    From Here To Wherever    4:37
Islands in the stream    Phillipa Nihill and Dave McCormack    Dead Sad    3:19
(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny    Rowland S. Howard    Pop Crimes    3:51
Don't Explain    Paul Kelly    A-Z Downloads    3:06
Free Way    Beaches    Beaches    4:09
The Night I Couldn't Stop Crying    The Devastations    Coal    4:59
My Pal    God    God    3:26
Aeroplanes    Paradise Motel    Flight Paths    4:53
(Are You) the One I've Been Waiting For    Jimmy Little    Messenger    4:08
In The Pines    The Triffids    In The Pines    2:36
Swansong    seaville    Swansong    4:10
Neon Flux    Bit By Bats    Let's Go Romeo    4:29
Alone With You    The Sunnyboys    Sunnyboys    4:00
For A Short Time    Tiddas    Lethal By The Kilo    4:59
She finally gets to travel    The Beautiful Few    Metal for Melbourne...and other stories    4:04
Chuck It Out    Wild Pumpkins At Midnight    The Secret Of The Sad Tree    2:25


Playing some music, being on the radio

 ✓    Palaces of Montezuma    Grinderman    Grinderman 2    3:32
✓    Bellringer Blues    Grinderman    Grinderman 2    5:31
✓    Meditation Song #2 (Why oh why)    Cloud Control    Bliss Release    4:13
✓    The Rolling Stones    Cloud Control    Bliss Release    4:13
✓    How To Make Gravy    John Butler    Before Too Long: triple j's Tribute to Paul Kelly    5:31
✓    This Room    Fat Freddys Drop    Based on a True Story    5:01
✓    I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff    Regurgitator    Unit    2:37
✓    Solo Trip    prop    Small Craft - Rough Sea    3:55
✓    Goth    Cooperblack    Great Big Squiddy Fun - A Baterz Tribute    3:49
✓    Harry Was A Bad Bugger    Tex, Don And Charlie    All Is Forgiven    5:20
✓    Power Ring    The Lighthouse Keepers    Lipsnipegroin    3:00
✓    Over & Over    Sarah Blasko    As Day Follows Night    3:59
✓    Liar    Randall Blair And The Wedded Bliss    Tattoos And Taillights    4:57
✓    California    Paradise Motel    Still Life    3:09
✓    Caught Out In The Rain    Tom Woodward    32-20 Blues    3:24
✓    Crazy Thinker    TZU    Computer Love    4:34
✓    Run    Spiderbait    J Files - Best covers of all time    1:57
✓    Chuck It Out    Wild Pumpkins At Midnight    The Secret Of The Sad Tree    2:25
✓    Guenevere And The Fire    Penelope Swales    Justifying Your Longings To The Doctor    3:21
✓    Sweet 16    Tex Perkins And His Ladyboyz    No 1's and No 2's    3:13
✓    Farewellin    theredsunband    Peapod    2:12


Tunes for the post-election blues

Ok, I'm on the old-timey wireless again shortly - 2XXfm 98.3 if you're in Canberra and http://www.2xxfm.org.au/2xx.m3u if you're more of an online type person.

Also using the hashtag #2xx during the show if you're Twitter inclined.

These are the tunes I'll be choosing from today.

Drunk On Election Night    Dan Kelly & The Alpha Males    Pirate Radio EP    3:50
What Did I Do    John Ellis    Praise    3:10
Antony Green    Drowsy Drivers    Keating!    1:59
Make It Count    Barb Waters & Kim Salmon    Rosa Duet    3:36
couchAngelOfDeath    Brown Couch    Brown Couch Soundtrack    1:17
Foreign Objects Waltz    Mikelangelo & Undine Francesca    Great Big Squiddy Fun - A Baterz Tribute    5:09
Giant Squids    Baterz    Baterz For Beginners    1:35
The Night I Couldn't Stop Crying    The Devastations    Coal    4:59
Sell My Soul    Midnight Oil    Diesel And Dust    3:37
Don't Dig My Grave Too Deep    Fred Smith    Texas    5:54
Lucky To Be Your Friend    Liz Frencham + Rebecca Wright    You & Me Volume 1.1 - A collection of live Duets    1:52
Stage Presence Featuring BVA (Mnemonic Ascent) and Nfamas (1200 Techniques)    Koolism    Part 3 - Random Thoughts    4:30
Under the Milky Way    The Church    El Momento Descuidado    4:52
Good Ol' Boys    The Fuelers    Hot Dang    3:19
Pop Star Girl    Tom Woodward    32-20 Blues    3:53
Jazz Song    The Lighthouse Keepers    Lipsnipegroin    2:06
All Cultures    Curse Ov Dialect    Lost In The Real Sky    4:28
Computer Love    TZU    Computer Love    3:50
In The Pines    The Triffids    In The Pines    2:36
Red Right Hand    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds    The Abattoir Blues Tour 2004 (Disc 1)    5:25
Pop Crimes    Rowland S. Howard    Pop Crimes    7:23

We Think You're Dishy    B(if)tek    2020    3:54
revision    love of diagrams    e.p.    4:24
Master And Slave    Beasts Of Bourbon    Little Animals    4:51
The Clock    The Go-Betweens    The Friends Of Rachel Worth    4:06
(Are You) the One I've Been Waiting For    Jimmy Little    Messenger    4:08
For A Short Time    Tiddas    Lethal By The Kilo    4:59
Hearth    Philippa Nihill    A Little Easy    4:38
Fitzroy Strongman    Sodastream    Looks Like A Russian    4:11
Aeroplanes    Paradise Motel    Flight Paths    4:53
Dirty Harry    Gorillaz    Demon Days    3:44
Drowned    Youth Group    Rock Against Howard    4:16
7 Sisters    Wild Pumpkins At Midnight    The Secret Of The Sad Tree    3:04
Evil (Steve Miller)    Lisa Miller    Car tape    4:31
Mr Cheapskate    Cosmic Egg    Cosmic Egg    4:39
Waiting, Wanting, Holding    Jodi Phillis    Love Is A Four Letter Word    3:08
Labour Of Love    Frente!    Marvin The Album    3:03
Sandman    Tex Perkins And His Ladyboyz    No 1's and No 2's    3:55
A Midlife's Tale    My Friend The Chocolate Cake    Parade    3:27
Ocean Of You    The Black Eyed Susans    Reveal Yourself    3:29
A Can Of Lemonade And A Pastie    Rob Clarkson    Shirts & Skins: Songs 90-96    1:13


Returning to Sunset

Well I've had a bit of a break from playing tunes on 2XX but now I'm back - on a new day (Wednesday - today) and with a slightly new format (more emphasis on the local music scene and Oz tracks) but still at the same time - 4.30 to 6.00 (AEST)

If you're interested, you can even listen to the stream - http://www.2xxfm.org.au/08/2xx.m3u

Here is the selection for today - though the laws of time and space mean that I won't get through all of it.

Hoodoo You Love The Drones Stoneage Cameos 2:48
Girl In A Sweater The Hard-Ons Born Out Of Time - The Australian Indie Sound 1979-88 2:45
Four Photos Fire On The Hill Endless Smiley Sunstar 5:41
Generation Abc Justin Heazlewood The Bedroom Philosopher - Living On The Edge Of My Bed 2:24
Party Started The Cat Empire Two Shoes 3:47
Bird On A Wire Sarah Blasko As Day Follows Night 3:14
April Of The Dickheads Tex Perkins Great Big Squiddy Fun - A Baterz Tribute 3:44
Twee Penelope Swales Great Big Squiddy Fun - A Baterz Tribute 2:57
The Cops The Paradise Motel Australian Ghost Story 4:00
Familiar Stranger The Paradise Motel Australian Ghost Story 3:47
Heathen Child Grinderman Grinderman 2 4:55
Long Days In Bed Lee Memorial The Lives Of Lee Memorial 3:26
Hoedown Beaches Beaches 2:51
Pop Crimes Rowland S. Howard Pop Crimes 7:23
(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny Rowland S. Howard Pop Crimes 3:51
Sweet Guy Adalita Before Too Long: triple j's Tribute to Paul Kelly 3:51
Wedding Day Sam Evans Brown Couch Soundtrack 2:54
Better the devil you know The Meanies Bigger than Tina 3:05
Mistakes The Devastations Yes, U 3:05
Shivers - 1 Nick Cave and the Dirty 3 Single 5:11

Quick Way To Hell The Fuelers Hot Dang 3:43
World Divided The View From Here Songs Of Protest 3:16
A Big Star The City Lights Rock Against Howard 2:55
Blade-running Elf Preview 4:13
Wired For Sound B(if)tek 2020 3:52
12 Gates To The City Suzie Higgie Songs Of Habit 4:57
Pop Star Girl Tom Woodward 32-20 Blues 3:53
The Illustrated man Konrad Lenz Living with the spirits of the dead 3:58
Under the Milky Way The Church El Momento Descuidado 4:52
Dirty Water Randall Blair And The Wedded Bliss Tattoos And Taillights 4:46
Blue Guitar Fred Smith Bagarap Empires 5:29
The Black Sea Waltz Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen 3:24
Life's So Hard God God 4:02
My Pal (Live) God GOD 6:56
Electrical Storm (Live) Ed Kuepper This Is The Magic Mile 6:37
The day we lost Fitzroy The Bites White lines and runways 3:06
The Sandringham line The lucksmiths Naturaliste 5:27


Kill Bill Yakety Sax

It's a little bit nuts how well the music works with this clip.

(Not for the squeamish)

Bravo to wickedexp on YouTube


The Mechanical Man

Robots, old timey cars and some very nice music - taken from a 1921 sci-fi silent film called The Mechanical Man


Ok, seriously, WTF - The Human Centipede

Just watched a little bit of Charlie Brooker's You Have Been Watching that featured a clip from a 2009 (according to IMDB) or 2010 (according to Wikipedia) horror film called The Human Centipede.

I really want to see this now so I'm not going to look for a trailer or other info (even though a quick scan of Wikipedia has given away more of the plot than I already want to know) - suffice to say it's a story with a distinctly Cronenbergian vibe about a mad surgeon that creates what he calls a human centipede by sewing three people together mouth-to-anus.

That is a seriously screwed up idea - kudos to the creator.


All day long, Tory leader thinks about...

This has to be the best photo taken during a U.K election campaign ever.
Conservative Party leader David (call me Dave) Cameron with a giant thought bubble that continues the proud tradition of closeted Tory politicians

I just wish that they were still using their slogan from the last election - "Are you thinking what we're thinking?"

(Photo credit to Michael Schofield, original at http://ow.ly/i/1g5M/original )


Elegant in simplicity - Mister Nice Hands

Sometimes you stumble across something online that makes you extra glad to have the Internets.

Presenting, Mr Nice Hands
(needs sound)


Doing what now to unicorns?

There's not a whole lot to be said about this video - let's just be thankful that the occult menace that is Latin words has finally be brought to light.

In fairness, it does look like there has been some judicious editing going on here - hard to say whether that was from the original producers of the video or the people at www.everythingisterrible.com - even then that could be to maximise the lols or make it fit into a viewer friendly 3:40.

Still, the fact that there is an audience for this makes me wonder about people sometimes


Alcoholic whipped cream in a can? Why yes, I believe I would, thankyou.

One of my fave sources for pop culture info is the AV Club via The Onion website.

Their latest review/taste-test of Whipped Lightning, alcoholic whipped cream in a can, only confirms that I'm right.

As with the range of other taste tests that these guys do on only-in-America type products, they put a funny and informative description of the product together for you and follow it up with a range of quotes from the willing bunnies that they round up in the office to try out the new taste-sensation of the day.

My fave quote from this one:

I imagine this is what alcoholics think clouds taste like.


Law abiding engineer - beautiful game/movie mashup

Stumbleupon, that amazing web timesink pointed me towards this video on YouTube that brilliantly integrates game footage from Team Fortress 2 and the trailer for the movie Law Abiding Citizen.

There is also a split screen version of this, with the original trailer that is well worth a look.



It's not really that hard out here for a pimp

Went to a costume wedding on the weekend and rather enjoyed my costume - I've always wanted to get a pair of red pants but until now have felt that they were a little too lairy. Maybe they are but so what.

Also quite enjoyed rockin' the cane - managed to get a bit of a strut happening by the end of the night.


There's nothing like - dumb ad campaigns and internet smart-arses

A day after Tourism Australia launched their ill-fated (yes, I'm calling it - it's the iSnack 2.0 of tourism campaigns) new marketing scheme for Australia - "There's nothing like Australia" - a group of proud pisstaking Aussies have responded with their own version.

I don't know which band of coke-fuelled marketing gurus came up with this replacement for the charmingly desperate and sad "Where the bloody hell are you?" campaign that gave us tabloid darling Lara Bingle but it hasn't done this country, Tourism Australia and marketing doofuses any credit at all.

If for no other reason than half decent writing - surely it should be "there's nowhere else like it" - this slogan just begs mockery. Why on Earth would you put a negative word in the same phrase as the product name and no other words that cast a positive light on it. Even "you can't beat the feeling" has "feeling" in it.
Dropping "else" in there immediately invites you to think about other places - which, whether we like it or not, actually do have most of the cool things that we have here - particularly if we are focusing on nature. (Of course we have very nice nature and great diversity but there are still beaches, mountains, rivers, forests etc elsewhere, despite what the slogan might have you believe)

Fortunately, we do have a proud tradition of pisstaking, which makes me proud to see the response version of the ad campaign up and firing so quickly. (In fairness, credit should go to Tourism Australia for not setting the lawyers on these guys for parodying their IP - that part at least is classy)

These are some of my personal faves so far.


The Phantom •

Hmmmmm, kind of having my doubts about this.
So now we have a reimagining of The Phantom, due for tv this year.

Looks a little generic - could be any modern chosen-one/superhero actiony thing.

Happy to be proven wrong though - but if the word badass comes out of this guy's mouth I'll know it's all over.

Castle: "Space Cowboy" (Firefly/Serenity)

Got to respect the Firefly love still being shown in Nathan Fillion's new show Castle.


Hey Dad...! - "Was it good for you?"

Clearly the whole Hey Dad alleged child-groping/etc is a terrible terrible story - either if it happened (and the weight of evidence seems pretty damning) or if it didn't (let's not completely forget presumption of innocence and due process). Clearly Robert Hughes is totally fucked either way.

All of which makes it extra unfortunate that there are so many track titles on this 1991 compilation of audio tracks from the popular Oz sitcom that seem to be darkly inappropriate.

From the obvious opening track "Was it good for you?" and "Electric touch" to the prescient "For whom the bells toll", you could almost believe that someone in the know was sending a message that they couldn't put out any other way - or perhaps more darkly having a quiet laugh to themselves.

Of course, its ridiculously easy to attach a double meaning that was never there in the first place to any innocent phrase or statement with hindsight, but there's still a whole lotta yick to all of this. (Including the fact that this story made me voluntarily watch both A Current Affair and Today Tonight)

For me, I never liked the show - I never knew exactly why, at the time I assumed I was being mr snobby highbrow-pants but it never seemed to ring true.

Sometimes though it's just better when you're not right about something.

The cd itself I picked up in a bargain bin for $3, figuring that I would one day get around to re-editing the wholesome/dorky dialogue tracks into something perverted/darker and clearly more hilarious. Never did though - and now I guess I never will. Some shit just isn't funny when it might be true.


What is it with the left and being hilarious?

Nice work here from some Melbourne comedians with a lefty slant - they have a show on at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival that looks well worth checking out.

Find out more on their blog - http://thefirst3.blogspot.com/